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Baccalaureate Degree

The *Bachelor of Science in Administration of Justice program focuses on the interrelated components of the criminal justice system, public and private sector enforcement and investigation, legal systems, correctional treatment, and community services. One of the most attractive features of these careers is the daily excitement of the job; no two days are ever the same!

The Administration of Justice program prepares you for a challenging career through a unique combination of formal classroom instruction and field experience, including an extensive internship. 

Be a Leader in the Field of Administration of Justice

Graduates in the Administration of Justice program find an array of career opportunities in federal, state, and local law enforcement and correction agencies, probation and parole services, community crime prevention and treatment services, and private sector security.

Many opportunities are available in juvenile and drug rehabilitation counseling, recreation programs, forestry settings, and other sites. These career opportunities, which are expanding rapidly, offer a good salary, excellent job security, and extensive possibilities for advancement.

If you earn your bachelor of science degree in Administration of Justice at Penn State Beaver, you’ll participate in an extensive internship where you will gain valuable hands-on experience.

The bachelor of science degree in Administration of Justice also provide you with an excellent opportunity for graduate school, including master's or doctorate programs in law, criminology, human development, psychology, and the social sciences. All students also participate in original research giving you experience to help you be successful if deciding to further your education.

*Penn State Beaver, Penn State New Kensington, and Penn State Shenango jointly deliver the Bachelor of Science Degree in Administration of Justice. All required courses are offered at each campus, although students should expect to take some courses via interactive video and/or the Web.